Call Works for piano RMN Classical 2019Philippe Mathis, winner of the 2019 Edition of the Call for Piano Works. The winning works will be included in a new album that will be produced and released later by RMN Classical.
This RMN Classical project, aime at creating a platform where contemporary classical music and artists can flourish and get heard, growing an already rich and diverse roster of composers and performers and a catalogue of music that features already both award-winning and up-and-coming works.  Result can be read here

International Composition Competition “The contemporary piano” (2019)Philippe Mathis – Prize winner composer of the  Composition competition “The contemporary piano 2019” for the music composition “Dimensions 1” (Toccatina). AN ART ARTISTRY has organized (for 5th time) the International Composition Competition “The contemporary piano” (2019). The submissions to the competition has ended March 31, 2019. The competition’s subject was modern compositions for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration 3 to 5 minutes, and it was open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The selection criteria where only musical and no non-musical parameters such as gender, level of difficulty, nationality and age quotas has been taken into account. The only examined quality was the music text itself.
The results of this year’s international composition competition can be read here

Jean Froidevaux wrote a wonderful story by bringing together the piano and the harpsichord, two instruments with dissimilar sounds. Originally the promise of a composer to two musicians to compose a work for them. From this promise springs a story. China for the crystalline sounds of the harpsichord, an initiatory tale that allows all the nuances of the piano. Read the article 

Philippe Mathis – artist musician and piano composer