Extracted from the “Spanish Suite” and written for the concert, the Toccata revisits the tradition of piano composition that highlight the virtuosity of the pianist and also the quality of the instrument.
Interpreted by Dimitris Anousis Composer, pianist, arranger, manager of “AN ART ARTISTRY

The Etude for piano explore the arpeggiated chords.
The melody is sentimental and romantic. The harmonic development in here is very colorful, deep and emotionally intense. This Etude has been awarded 1rst Prize at the Golden Key Music Festival 2015 of Vienna (category professional international)
 Aurora is a classical composition for piano inspired by the beauty of the nature.

Impromptu on Exodus Song
soundtrack of the film, composed by Ernest Gold

Ballad on a rhapsody
Improvisation on the theme notes of Rhapsody in Blue composed by George Gershwin

Souvenirs from Paris…
Improvisation on Charles Trenet’s song Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?

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