Videos & Music sheets

If you play one of this piece, you can send me a link to the video or a recording that I will make available to other site visitors to listen to you.

The Elves are beings that are part of the legends and mythology of Northern Europe. This piano piece creates an ethereal soundscape to evoke such characteristics as those of an enchanted forest where the little fairies may live, beneficial to the world. “The Elves” is a luminous work with wild passages and broad melodic lines that create a captivating and hypnotic atmosphere.

A superb interpretation of THE UGLY DUCKLING (op. 17) performed by Dimitris Anousis

ETUDE FOR PIANO (op. 8) performed by Emma Saskia Baehler

DIMENSIONS 7 (op. 16) performed by Dimitris Anousis.

TOCCATA (op. 9) extracted form the spanish suite performed by Dimitris Anousis

Aurora is a classical composition for piano inspired by the beauty of the nature.


Impromptu on Exodus Song soundtrack of the film,
composed by Ernest Gold

Ballad on a rhapsody Improvisation on the theme notes
of Rhapsody in Blue composed by George Gershwin

Souvenirs from Paris. Improvisation
on Charles Trenet’s song Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?

Piano Boogie Woogie in the clouds to avoid the blues