Jean Froidevaux – The mysterious painting of Cheng-Bo

Jean Froidevaux  wrote a wonderful story by bringing together the piano and the harpsichord, two instruments with dissimilar sounds. Originally the promise of a composer to two musicians to compose a work for them. From this promise springs a story. China for the crystalline sounds of the harpsichord, an initiatory tale that allows all the nuances of the piano.   

The famous painter Cheng-Bô saw his soul mate one night and stopped painting: his hand was tightened and could no longer even hold a brush. From then on, Cheng-Bô never stopped finding this woman seen in a dream…

The book is beautifully illustrated in watercolour by the French-speaking painter Gilles-Emmanuel Fiaux (

The CD of Jean Froidevaux allows you to hear this tale through the voices of Vincent Favrod (reciter and percussion) and the storyteller Daphnée Béguin. And to appreciate the musical work, a marriage of the piano of Hjalmar Berg, professor at the Vevey Conservatory, and the harpsichord of Martine Reymond, organist at the Saint-Vincent temple in Montreux.

A wonderful book, which will delight children and adults alike with its aesthetic appeal

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About Jean Froidevaux

Jean Froidevaux studied piano with Ernest Vuillemin and organ with François Demierre. He obtained his higher diploma as an organist at the Institut de Ribaupierre in Lausanne (with honors). He then studied harmony, counterpoint, music history and composition with Aloÿs Fornerod and obtained a teaching diploma in the theoretical branches of music at the Conservatoire de Fribourg (with summa cum laude). Interested in the training of young musicians, he joined the Swiss Society of Musical Pedagogy, where he spent several years on its committee. With Mrs. Marie-Louise Sérieyx he co-wrote a treatise on counterpoint. He composed for piano, organ, harpsichord, chamber music, brass band, orchestra, voice and choir.

Author: pmathis