Golden Key Music Festival (GKMF 2020)

Award Golden Key Music Festival

The Elves (the enchanting forest) awarded the Third Degree Diploma in International Category of the Golden Key composition competition 2020.

The Golden Key Music Festival combines a unique artistic, performing, and educational experience for professional musicians and students. Each year, it includes a rich variety of musical, artistic, and cultural experiences. 

This composition is also coproduced by RMN Music on the CD “In Focus”. This new line and this first CD is dedicated to highlighting successful composers as well as new promises and emerging voices. 

Elves are beings that are part of the legends and mythology of Northern Europe. Philippe Mathis’ piano piece creates an ethereal soundscape to evoke such characteristics as those of an enchanted forest where the little fairies may live, beneficial to the world. “The Elves” is a luminous work with wild passages and broad melodic lines that create a captivating and hypnotic atmosphere. The harmonies, also, remind the fantastic world of the Elves as seen in modern media such as books, films and – why not – video games.

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