Spanish Suite – Toccata for piano

The « Suite Espagnole » comprises a series of compositions by Philippe Mathis, featuring the Toccata, which honors the pianist’s virtuosity and the instrument’s richness.
Philippe Mathis’ Toccata is a challenging and expressive work that showcases the pianist’s proficiency and command of the piano.

The composition’s lyrical inspiration implies it stirs emotions and sentiments, enchanting the audience with its delicate expressiveness and rhythmic vitality. The interplay of rhythms offers a musical journey that is both stirring and exhilarating.

Inclusion in the Stage and Screen collection produced by Ablaze Records suggests that the work could also be used in film or theatre, enhancing its evocative and narrative qualities.

In its entirety, the Toccata from Philippe Mathis’s Suite Espagnole is a dynamic, expressive composition, suitable for any concert repertoire and sure to engage and immerse the audience in images that stimulate the imagination.

Philippe Mathis’s Toccata for Piano wins the « Contemporary Piano 2016 » Composition Prize

Toccata (Spanish suite »
Toccata perfoormed by Dimitris Anousis

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